Flence is a single-platform, digital directory with profiles of the most influential professionals in the fashion industry.

Flence is an exclusive launch pad: once registered on the site, with just a few clicks, you can set-up and launch your fashion project or business globally.

At the same time, Flence is a real community of fashion professionals, where viable connections can be made with top companies or fashion individuals, and you can enjoy inspirational dialogues with these industry giants and exchange ideas to stimulate your own creativity.

Our Unique Features

Collaborative Network

Connect with top, high-level, professionals to expand your network in the fashion world and be inspired and mentored by an exciting environment of creative talents. Our platform is open to a different, composite, range of career profiles: designers, brands, fashion schools, manufacturers, etc., wanting to increase their visibility and reach new business opportunities.

Personal Portfolios

Take advantage of a global visibility in the fashion industry. Publish collections, campaigns and portfolios to engage other members and be discovered by brands and talent scouts interested in your creativity.

Individual E-Commerce

Through your personal profile you have access to a meaningful sale tool. Your profile will highlight your products, so that it will sell your collections or your services to other members and visitors in a click.

Crowd Funding

Every creative talent has some creative project. And every project needs funds to be executed. Our platform offers a smart way to reach potential customers and investors for your projects: when you register, a crowdfunding feature will be available to you through your profile, which can be used to presale collections or finance items with the help of the crowd.

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